30 Days of Author Gratitude: Books to Read

Reading is such an inherent part of writing and I lost all respect for an author who said in an interview she didn't have time to read because it it is by reading that we find out what works and what doesn't...we increase our play with words...and we get to meet the characters who existed only in other people's heads...and since, as an author, I spend an awful lot of time with characters that exist in my head, it is nice to branch out and spend time with other people's creations from time to time.

I love it when my writer friends either recommend a book to me. I get a glimpse at how well they know me that this is something they recommend to me...(on a side note, recommending a book to me has always worked out better than the times people have tried to set up a date for me, which usually has me wondering if this person really knows me at all...or secretly hates me).

I also love it when my writer friends hand me something they have written. Wowza...yes indeed, I would love to read this and give you feedback and post a review online...because as an author, I know how important both of those things are. They are our lifeblood as independent authors and I try to help out fellow authors as much as I can.

I love that I will never get through my "to be read" list because there is always more to find and more to read.

I love that I now am perfectly okay with not finishing every book I start and that some books serve only to make me think "I can do better" and go back to work on my own novels.

I love that there are some books that I want to read over again as soon as I finish them.

So grateful for books to read...and also that I create books for other people to read as well :D