30 Days of Author Gratitude: Color Notes

*This was going to be my blog from yesterday, so I will post this one in the morning and my final 30 days blog this evening*

So chances are, if you have read many of my blogs or know me personally and have talked to me about writing at all, you know how much I love and depend upon my ColorNotes application on my phone. (It is free on Android and costs money on ithings, so yet another reason I will never go to the dark side and will stay Android.

So Color Notes is an amazing thing that lets you make little post-its, and it color-codes your post-its so that you can keep things organized. For example, on mine, the colors represent the following: Yellow: general, Orange: Children's Story ideas, Red: Articles I want to write, Green: Fiction (most used), Blue: Blog ideas, Purple: Poetry, Black: Doctorate (hmm...probably should take those off of there and have a new category, since Doctorate is no longer achievable), Gray: Non-fiction ideas, and White: things to check out/research. (I currently have 364 post-it's...so perhaps it's time to go through that and clean it up a bit).

It is great for those 2 in the morning ideas. Wonderful to use with speak to text when I am driving and get an idea. (Yes, safety first!!!). Works well as a grocery list (one I won't leave at home on the counter because I have become one of those people who is never without her phone...sigh...)

So, yeah. I am grateful for ColorNotes. Anything that gets my ideas and keeps them safe...has my gratitude forever.