30 Days of Author Gratitude: Driving Time

Some of my best thoughts happen when I am driving in my Jeep. I would say that it's a Jeep thing, but I also had success in every other car I have had, so this one is not a Jeep thing, but a Sodaro thing.

A lot of time when I am driving, I go through the things I am grateful for, which completely changes my mood and is usually my morning drive, helping me to get to work in a good mood and full of positive energy.

I work out plot points in my head...talk it out so I can hear what I am saying. I will either pull over and write them down, or use speak-to-text for Color Notes. Working through a plot block is not a reason to be unsafe.

I have "conversations" with my characters or my muse about this story or that. (I put conversations in quotes...I know it's all in my head. I'm not a crazy person...I'm eccentric. :D)

I practice lectures or meeting notes on my drive. See what points I want to hit, what anecdotes I want to tell, what I can leave out...always nice to have a trial run with a captive audience.

I even give practice interviews for when my books win an award or when they are about to be turned into a movie or TV series. It's going to happen and I need to be prepared :D

I enjoy driving ...I enjoy it even more in the Jeep...but I have always enjoyed the drive and the freedom. I enjoy talking things through, or when I am stressed...yelling things I could never say around people. It is a special kind of therapy and it works absolutely every time.