30 Days of Author Gratitude: Future Plans

"The future's so bright...I gotta wear shades" (Timbuk3)

Sorry if this gets in anyone's head...and I am not even sure if the artist meant it as positive as most people take it, but when I think about my future plans, this is the phrase that pops in my head.

I have had and continue to have an AMAZING teaching career. I keep meeting students and coworkers that my life would be incomplete without getting to know. I also know that I am not going to teach full time forever...and adding to that, I know I will never be able to completely walk away from teaching either.

My future is my books. I know this...maybe you didn't hear me. I KNOW THIS. There are people in my life who don't believe me. That's okay...they like tangible things, and I'm not there yet...but I will be. There are also people who believe in me...either as an author or as someone who accomplishes goals, either one. And they keep me strong on those days when the negative thoughts get through my defenses.

I love when I have a conversation with someone, either virtual or face-to-face and they talk about my author life...about my books being my future...and they talk about it as matter-of-fact as if they were talking about tomorrow being Saturday. As if it was just a given and no other options were considered. I surround myself with these people. I talk to them about my characters and my story ideas and they give me feedback. (Sometimes they mention, "Hey...wouldn't it be interesting for Ali (Broken Trust/Redeeming Trust) to meet Lilly" (Lucky Charms series, coming out in 2016). And at first I hesitate...and then I smile...that WOULD be amazing. (Thank you, Ashley Page).

It's going to happen. It may be Broken Trust/Redeeming Trust. It may be the Lucky Charms  series. It may be a book I haven't started yet (though I have started writing over 20...so maybe it is in that stack). One of my books is going to be the spark...and that fire that it ignites is going to be breathtaking. (I really should have thought through that metaphor...it makes me rather nervous to talk about fire and my books in the same sentence).  But grab your shades friends...because it's going to be bright. Watch me.