30 Days of Author Gratitude: MY Jeep

Today I drove around for 2 hours, looking at the pretty multi-colored leaves on the trees and enjoying the fact that I could have my windows down in November with only a slight chill (yes, I had my heat on a bit as well).

So yesterday, I was grateful for technology and yet today, I am writing about a vehicle which doesn't have technology more advanced than cruise control and power windows. One of my favorite parts of my Jeep Patriot is its lack of technology. (I wish that was my only contradiction, but turns out...I've met me.

I have wanted a Jeep since I was a kid. I can't remember every wanting another specific vehicle as much as I wanted a Jeep. I always thought I wanted either a Grand Cherokee or a Wrangler. Since they have demoralized the Grand Cherokee and turned it into a mini-van, that was out. As someone who likes to drive on roads (with guard rails, as I found out in June) and someone who is allergic to most of the outdoors...a Wrangler would really be wasted on me. But the Jeep Patriot is perfect for me. Rugged and boxy and all mine.

While I was driving, I was thinking about life...some major changes going on and more to come I am sure since I have many many as of yet, unanswered questions. I was thinking about my novels and projects (and as always when I am driving in the Jeep with the windows down, I worked out some plot points that had me stuck).

The author in me loves driving the Jeep to work out story ideas or plot twists. Yes, I talk to my Jeep...No, I don't think she can hear me nor do I think she talks back...