30 Days of Author Gratitude: My Readers

Where would any author be without readers? I know I would still writer -- I love my stories and characters and have loved them long before anyone else gets to...but it would be a bit like teaching to an empty classroom...so much to say and no one to listen. So on this day, and every day, I am grateful for my readers.

(It is amazing even to say I have readers...)

I am grateful to those who read Whatever you Make of It  and asked for a sequel (or a series) ...who loved Jac and Jyn and wanted more. I promise I am exploring the idea and considering if Jac and Jyn have another story to tell --a legitimate new story to tell and not just me bringing them back because they are my first-born and therefore the ones I have loved the longest.

I am grateful to those who have read Arianna's Honor and/or Arianna's Destiny  and loved Arianna for her strength and her tortured spirit. Who watched her battle internal and external enemies and cried and cheered along with her. To those readers who have asked for a third one...there have been the slightest beginnings of an inkling of an idea...so keep watching and I'll keep you posted.

I am grateful for those who have read Broken Trust and have fallen in love with paint-speck covered, Sam and architect, Ben. Who love Ali and are waiting for her book, Redeeming Trust. I am grateful for your patience as life got my schedule off track. Redeeming Trust  is almost ready and will be absolutely worth the wait.

I love being able to say I have readers. I love that people own my books. (I also love when they send pics of their shelves with my books on them...bookshelves or ebook shelves).

I have many many many more novels to write. Thank you for being a part of my author journey.