30 Days of Author Gratitude: My Support Staff

Being an author is a full-time job, like a full-time, more than 40 hour a week job -- between the promoting and networking and selling and editing and finishing and publishing sometimes it is hard to find time to do the actual writing (not to mention doing all of this around the demands of another more than 40 hour a week full-time teaching job).

I hand write all my drafts (yes, I know this can seem archaic, but it is the system that currently works for me.) There is a therapy in the words filling up with ink, the pen is an extension of my hand and my thoughts, my characters acting and flowing from my mind to my arm through the pen to the paper. This is what works for me. People make fun of me for this and offer suggestions, for which I smile and say thank you. This works for me.

Part of the reason my system works for me is because of my support staff:

My mom, who types my handwritten drafts and hands out book cards to people she meets.

My reader, Jess T, who keeps on me for plot holes and inconsistencies and reminds me to FINISH SOMETHING so she has something to read.

The number of random people I text for the name of this motorcycle, that kind of wine, the name of this room in a house, does this character's name sound okay, what should this one's job be, how much water is there when someone's water breaks (I love that these people just answer my random questions and take it all in stride): Jess T, Jess S, Lisa M, Julia V, Danielle J, Rene C, Angella Y, Chris A, etc. etc. etc. etc.

I do also use google and have the random questionable search history of any respectable author, but google is distracting, whereas with my resident experts a message away, I can put a big circle on my first draft and put ASK SO-AND-SO and then I can continue writing while so-and-so gets me the answer :D

I love my system and I am so grateful to my support staff. Thank you for all you do.