30 Days of Author Gratitude: Non-fiction ideas

So this year has been amazing for me expanding the world of my author life and I have been embracing some nonfiction ideas to work on, in addition to my novels, short stories, and poems...I have wanted to incorporate my experiences in education and writing and life in general. As with everything else, when I start thinking about a new thing, all of a sudden the flood gates open and suddenly I see ideas everywhere, which let me tell you, is a lot less creepy and more exciting than seeing dead people.

Education -- I really feel I have learned a thing or two about teaching and adult learners with my Bachelor's, Master's, and (almost) my PhD in education, not to mention the almost two decades "in the field." And some things have changed and then there are things that remain the same regardless of any changes that occur in education. So I am grateful for the 10-15 pieces that are in my current "to be worked on" pile and for any ideas which grow from what currently exists.

Writing -- I can't remember a time in my life when I wasn't writing. Through my trial and error (which so much of writing is--finding what works and doesn't work for you) I have developed a system that maybe will help other writers or maybe just be a point of reference. So I am grateful for the 10-15 nonfiction projects in this category as well.

Life in general -- I have learned a thing or two about life in the 40 years I have been around and maybe my life lessons could help someone else -- or maybe they only help me and put my Master's Thesis into practice and that's okay too. So thank you for the 10-15 ideas here too.

It's good to know that between my fiction and nonfiction ideas, I will stay pretty busy for a while. So grateful.