30 Days of Author Gratitude: Notebooks

So with my pen obsession (if you've seen my collection, you know this is an accurate term...if you haven't seen it...trust me, it fits) it seems natural to also be grateful for the paper in the beautiful pen-to-paper combo that makes up as much of my present as possible and all of my future.

I can say one of the most exciting bits of the new idea process is picking out the notebook for that project. There is just an innate knowledge of what notebook will work for a project and when you see it, you'll just know. (Did I just make an analogy between notebooks and pornography?? hmm...)

Once you find THE notebook, there is a moment of "ahhhh" when you open the cover and there it is -- the first blank page -- the alpha to your project or novel -- the beginning of a new journey. What pen to use to start it off? Grab a couple...don't write yet, just see what feels right. I might hold a pen for a moment or two before I put pen to paper for the first time, knowing the instant pen meets paper, it is off to the races and what was a blank page in a notebook is now a start to a novel or project.

I know that people who can create on a computer save themselves a few steps since they don't have to their draft typed, but I just don't think it would ever be the same for me -- the whole notebook/pen ceremony as compared to the opening of a new Word document.