30 Days of Author Gratitude: Pens

So, I love pens. I mean, like, I LOVE PENS. It's definitely an occupational hazard as an author, especially one who writes everything out by hand...and when I find a pen I like, I buy it in multiples because heaven forbid my pen runs out mid-chapter (this happened once, when I was out writing in public and my black pen ran out of ink and I only had a blue one with me...I still think about that black and blue chapter to this day and shudder.)

It always makes me nervous when people buy me pens, or I see people with pens, or a waitress brings me a pen and expects it back...because I want to test out the pen...Is this pen "Michelle approved" and if so, what category will it fall under...

Categories of pens? you ask? Oh, yes...and they are:
  1. Public -- these are ones that people CAN borrow (see previous blog involving Bic stic pens). They are pens that I will not hunt the person down and/or end the friendship if these pens are not returned.
  2. Casual use -- these will be used for journalling or notes or to-do lists
  3. Special pens -- these are mostly just pretty and important to me because of who gave them to me, and are not generally used. They sit in a separate mug where I can admire them and feel as if my friend is in the room with me while I write.
  4. Private stash -- these are not lent out (I love you, but no.) These have proven their worthiness and have passed the test and are used for chapters, page after page smooth lines where I don't have to go back every third word and go over this letter or that letter.
I am so grateful for my pens (and pencils, I don't want to leave them out, but they are sometimes smeary, and that is not okay for chapters)