30 Days of Author Gratitude: Pets

There are days when I prefer animals to people...but that usually passes and I like people just fine the next day. But I absolutely love animals. In the past two months I have added 5 dogs and 2 cats to my list of "friends" and, of course, have my two cats who are brothers that I have had since they were both small enough to fit in one hand. There is something calming about watching the kits sleep in sunshine as I am writing and while sometimes it makes me want to quit writing and take a nap with them, mostly it just makes me smile and keep plugging away at the novels that will one day buy their food and pay for the rent for them to have a place to sleep in the sunshine. kitsSo today, and every day, I am grateful for Woody and Wally...for the joy they bring me and the reminder they give...to love the sunshine and be kind to each other (until they wake up and fight and jump on each other). I am grateful for my pets and the pets of my friends and fictional characters. Keep on purring guys, I have many more novels to write.