30 Days of Author Gratitude: Writer Friends

So I love being a teacher and talking to teacher friends (or friends/colleagues in the education world in general) because they TRULY understand why this one email or meeting or conversation with a student can single-handedly make or break an entire day. They understand in ways that people outside of that world world, through no fault of their own, might fail to see what the big deal was.

I have, in the last 5 years, also come to appreciate writer friends for the exact same reason. They TRULY understand the highs and lows of this occupation. They know the power of the writing zone and that I don't know for a fact that I can "just write later and it'll be fine" because writing zones can be rather fickle and later the flow of words may just be a trickle...or worse, turn off completely. (GASP!!!! Please come back!!)

Writer's Block is not something I experience often, and that is because I usually have many (too many) projects going on simultaneously. It is really difficult to be blocked on that many projects all at once. (Murphey's Law, I did NOT say it was impossible...challenge NOT extended)...but writer friends understand the panic that goes with saying "I'm stuck on a project."

Writer friends understand that as much as my readers are impatient about my next book coming out, I am absolutely going out of my mind wanting to hold Redeeming Trust in its final format. Writer friends understand that I want it right, I want the novel as close to perfect as possible without causing neurosis, but I also just want it done.

This year, I put as one of my Resolutions, to meet and talk to more writers on a regular basis, and I have definitely done so...it's been amazing to build that group and in 2016, that will continue to be one area I focus on to increase my group of writer friends as I continue to embrace my author life more fully.