30 Days of Blogging: Author things -- Food

More specifically, food I can eat with my left hand...but that would have made the title for the blog even longer...

There are a few times that I wish I as ambidextrous...and for the purposes of my pretty blog-y blog I will talk about the times it would come in handy as an author. When I am in a good writing zone...when I am not aware of time or the pain in my knee or that I have needed to use the restroom for an hour now. Eating is inconvenient at these times because there is the fear that if I put down the pen, the bubble will be burst and the zone will be finished. I am not saying I am afraid I'll never pick the pen back up or I'm afraid I'll never write again, let's not be ridiculous. But the zone might be broken and all of a sudden I am aware of reality again and I need to get up and use the restroom but I can't walk because my knee has locked up from being in the same position for too long. This is where left-hand foods come in handy. If I can blindly grab for something with the left hand while my right hand is happily dancing across the page with a pen, then I can stay in the zone for longer. (My bladder and knee are not fans of this, but they get a vote far too many times as it is).

There are not many foods I can eat with my left hand, as my left hand, while symmetrical and opposite my right one, is not nearly as capable with manipulating silverware. I can sometimes eat cereal with my left hand, but more often than not, I end up wearing the cereal and milk. (Picture the main character's drinking problem in Airplane). I can manage popcorn, pretzels, anything that is already cut up that I can just grab and stuff in my face.

For many reasons, I'd make a horrible "Traditional" wife...but I do like to think, when I find the guy that matches my kind of crazy, he will cook things and cut them up for me and bring me food when I am in a zone.  That he will "get it" and just pat me on the head or kiss my cheek and leave me be until the zone is done.