30 Days of Blogging: Author things -- Pets

There are so many differences between a teacher's pet and an author's pet (or pets). A teacher's pet does anything to make the teacher happy and an author's pets (or at least mine) are more about what makes them happy, and while they really do take good care of their human, almost everything they do is self-serving (and even though all of their actions are rather selfish, they are still better universal creatures than most people I know).

There is a scene in Practical Magic where Sandra Bullock reveals she wished for a love so specific (even down to two different colored eyes) that she knew he couldn't exist.

After I had to put Chase down, I swore I didn't want another cat. Then a couple of years later, it was "okay, I want a pet again" but I wanted something very specific:

**I wanted two boy cats ("Bitches be crazy" to quote Sheldon from BBT)

**I wanted them to be litter brothers who looked nothing alike.

**I wanted them to support my writing.

Here's what I got, thanks to Julia Viles...

Wally and Woody are both boys...are litter brothers and look completely different (One looks part Siamese, part Tabby...the other looks full Tabby). Even though the one is part tabby...his personality is ALL Siamese all day long...they sleep next to me while I write and love playing with crumpled up pieces of paper.

They really are the perfect author pets.