30 Days of Blogging: Author things -- purple flannel

When I worked at K-Mart (a thousand years ago), I bought an extra large purple flannel plaid button-up shirt.

At first, it was just a shirt...nothing fancy, nothing out of the ordinary, and certainly nothing magical.

I was struggling with my writing one day: Seasonal Affective was winning on one cold and dreary winter day. I felt a chill and grabbed that purple flannel and sat down to write. The words flowed from the pen to the paper and I felt complete once again.

It's not magical. Good God, if it was, I would never take it off...are you kidding me? It could be 90 degrees in the shade and I would be wearing that flannel if it meant I was always writing. I would never ever take it off.

So it's not magical. I know this. But it is comforting and it is one of my favorite author things. It is frayed and has had to be sewn. It is old and broken in...but absolutely not magical. Amazing and comforting and mine.