30 days of blogs: Author things -- alternate realities

I felt this was a fitting one for today. Some of you will understand why...but as I am not an air-er of dirty laundry, we will just leave it at that...

One of the things I look at when I am writing, is to not make my novels too autobiographical. Of course there is going to be parts of me and my life in there just as there are going to be parts of other people I know in there. It's a fact of a writer's life that anything is fair game (which people should really keep in mind when dealing with me and my friends...).

I often look at my relationships and friendships and family-ships and make sure that my books don't come off sounding like an autobiography or memoir. I might make a relationship better or worse than I have known in reality because I don't want my life to be known by everyone. Some people know the truth of the situation and that is fine...some people don't need to know and that is also fine.

I think about it on holidays because I especially want to write about experiences like mine and then as far removed from mine as you can get. That's why it's called fiction, my dear friends.