30 Days of Blogs: Author Things -Blank stare

Sometimes when people are talking to me about things I don't understand (math, computers, how fax machines are not, in fact, magic...) I get this blank stare on my face. I have tuned them out and am mentally playing with an existing story or going to a world where fax machines are actually seen for the bits of wizardry that they are.

And then sometimes when people are actually conversing with me about topics I do understand, I still have the blank stare on my face (this also happens when people are talking near me or even about me...I am an equal opportunity blank stare-er.

If it happens during a good conversation, chances are I am trying to figure out where the conversation could go in a novel. Who would say what...how would I improve the conversation (since this one I am currently involved in or near, has to be the rough draft)...oh, my characters would NEVER say that...how can I fix it...

If it happens during a boring conversation (politics, most conspiracy theories, kicking a dead horse conversations, the Packers, the Cardinals, or anything to do with most reality TV shows) I am likely working on a scene from any of the novels that currently exist in my head and/or on paper.

I do try to participate and be "social" and "normal" but considering I have to put those words in quotes...you can decide for yourself if I'm successful or not. If I take my phone to the bathroom (or just whip it out right there at the table) chances are almost certain, I am getting out ColorNotes to jot down a snippet of the conversation. Please speak clearly. This is for posterity's sake.