30 Days of Blogs: Author things --ColorNotes

I have blogged about this app before. I have praised its name and sang songs about its glory...it's true, I mean I was in the car and the song was really horrid, but it's true. I mean who wouldn't love color-coordinated post-its for project ideas? I do my grocery lists here. I keep poetry snippits here. I keep ideas about any number of my random projects here. And it's all color-coordinated and at my fingertips. It's also synced to some account so I never lose my goodies...I think Facebook...because what isn't synced to Facebook (I'm distracting my "big brother paranoia" with shiny things right now). It's free for Android but costs like $2.00 for iThings (yet another argument for why Android is better...but I digress). It's lovely.

color notes