30 days of blogs: Author things --Early mornings

Recently a writer friend asked me when my best writing time. I immediately said "early mornings" and then looked at my (self-chosen, I might add) schedule and asked...why do I get to my teaching job during my prime writing time? To be honest, I am not the most productive at work things first thing in the morning, and that is probably because my heart longs to be writing and editing and making progress on my lovelies.

So in July I am going to change my schedule to be more conducive for my productive times for both my author life and my teaching life...and yes, I realize I should have done this ages ago...but I will do it starting July 5th and it will be wonderful. This way when I get home, too tired of staring at a computer screen to get any author stuff done, I will have already done some author stuff for the day so I won't feel that the day is totally wasted.

I naturally get up around 5:30 almost every morning. The latest I "sleep in" is 7:00 and that is rare because my kittens have been trained that 6:00 is the latest they should let their human sleep. There are cookies to have and water to drink, and oh yeah, clean our potty.

People tend to look at me sideways when I tell them that I am usually up at 5:30 with or without an alarm...and that's okay...I can write while they sleep and then I won't be desperately trying to get out of activities to go sneak in some writing time.

You may be thinking, Sodaro, this sounds fantastic. Why wait until 5 July. Why not start today? I'm still working on my OCDs, folks...but it's baby steps.