30 Days of Blogs: Author things - Finishing

So as we bring this month to a close...I have to say...I am okay with where things sit. I got 28 of the 30 blogs (and  27 of the 30 workout days, bringing me that much closer to my shoulder piece goal).

I used to never finish things. Well...except cake, pancakes, and ice cream...those I always finished...thus the need for workout goals.

The quote by Erica Jong "I went for years without finishing anything. Because of course, when you finish something you can be judged..." so perfectly described my philosophy of life and I didn't even consciously realize that was the reason I would start a new project (or seven) to never ever have to run the risk of accidentally finishing something. Because if I finished something, then what...then I had to put it out into the world? No way. Have you seen the world? There are people out there...and they're mean...and you want me to just toss my novels, my poetry, my short stories, my essays out there...No way.

I didn't finish my PhD. I had One course, one paper, one residency and my dissertation left. Now I just have a whole lotta debt and nothing to show for it. My adviser said "don't publish your first novel before you finish your degree. I scoffed and said "I got this." And then I held my first novel...and not only did I not "have this" but I didn't care. l knew what I wanted to be when I grew up and it had nothing to do with having three initials after my name. I wanted to finish every project I'd ever started so that I could hold every one of them in my hands, just like I did with Whatever you Make of It.