30 days of blogs: Author things --Fresh air

So I am so very grateful for air conditioning. So very grateful. I really don't think my knee could handle it if there was no cooling down from this heat...I hurt almost every day...but I am still doing my workout more days than I am not doing it, so I'm trying.

One of my favorite things to do is drive my Jeep...those of you know me should know this...it's my dream vehicle and I love her. She's beautiful and perfect.

If I get out early enough, I can drive to work with the windows down and not look like (or smell like) I just stepped out of a sauna. And I love the fresh air. It is such a contrast to the air-conditioning that I have come to depend on.

On the way home, I drive home with the windows down any chance I get. If the air is too humid and I can't breathe, then it's windows up and air on...but there is something about the fresh air that helps to clear my mind and allow me to work through things that have me stumped or conflicted. And then suddenly things make sense again.