30 Days of Blogs: Author things -- Helpers

I have some idea-bouncer-offers that are absolutely fabulous for the help they give me in my times of need.

If I am in a good writing zone and don't want to get distracted by the Bermuda Triangle that is Google, I will ask one of my idea-bouncer-offers and if none are available, I will mark it with a big circle on the draft to come back and fill in later. I have 4 that I ask random things of fairly regularly. They are fantastic and help me out when I don't know the names for things (one day, "foyer" was nowhere in my mind for "what do they call that place right inside the front door of a place?")

I also have subject-matter-experts who I ask about things I do not have any prior knowledge of...and yes, my job calls them "SME's" but that sounds too much like Smeagol to me which makes me think they are somewhere holding up random preciouses...so I will just write out subject-matter-experts. They let me know about what a certain Harley is called or what is a really top-end stilleto shoe brand. What are some bits of hockey lingo.

SO my idea-bouncer-offers are amazing. I can't even imagine writing my books without them.