30 Days of Blogs: Author things -- Inspiration

So, if you have read my blogs for any time now, you know that I find inspiration just about anywhere and by talking to anyone. I found a single rose in a parking lot and had about 50 potential ideas on how it got there (including it walking there and falling down in exhaustion).

There are people I have met that are a one-hit wonder...they inspire one idea...one scene...one bit of conversation...one secondary character.

There are some people who inspire many ideas and many stories. Who become a primary character... a recurring theme...a constant source of inspiration.

I am always amazed when I meet new people and they instantly become old friends...as if we have known each other in previous lifetimes...as if our souls can finally relax and say, "oh thank goodness...I found you again." These are the people who teach me about friendship and love and all of the best parts of life. They give me hope and help me to write.

I am so grateful for the people in my life who are fodder for the bad things that can happen...after all what is a story without conflict? What is a protagonist without an antagonist?

I'm also grateful for the people who remind me of what I want to believe in and all the reasons to write a happy ever after.

I am grateful for the people who inspire me...