30 Days of Blogs: Author things --Music

It's very very rare that I can write without some sort of background noise. Music works best...though Law and Order reruns come a close second, but since they have a visual aspect as well as an auditory one, it is sometimes a distraction rather than a help.

Pandora is wonderful 95% of the time and usually I just write and enjoy the beat of the music. Sometimes it will play something so awful that I want to put it in time out. Really Pandora? What could I have possibly liked that would lead you to think I like this song that has me wanting to stab my left ear drum? Go in the corner and think about what you have done. **Sometimes Pandora will also redeem itself and play something that would be perfect for the soundtrack of a project or a line that is amazing and I jot it down and then get back to the writing at hand. Most of the time, Pandora will just play and play and play...then stop because it's not sure I'm there anymore because I have not hit like or dislike in a while. Pandora would make a horrible teacher...we are used to just continuing to talk whether or not people are paying attention.

You tube is also a good back up for when Pandora is in time out. I have a "freedom" channel I created that has 70 songs on it so far. It has ads, which are annoying and disrupt the zone (unless it's a REALLY REALLY good zone and then I'll look up later and wonder what magic made the ads go away.) Yes, I know I can pay for something and then the ads go away...but I already pay for Pandora, not to mention having more music aps on my phone than I know what to do with...

One of the worst things for me, is going somewhere to write without my trusty earbuds...there is just so much to distract me...How can I focus on my dialogue when there is an argument in the next booth? How can I write this dramatic scene when there are so many people to see with their clothing and hairdo choices?

I need music.