30 Days of Blogs: Author things -- pancakes

I had something else planned to write about today, but decided instead to pay homage to my favorite author food. (And it is one that I can ALMOST eat with my left hand.)

I was stuck on how to finish a chapter. I'd write a few words. Stare at the page...my pen...my kittens...the wall...write a few more words...stare at the page...my pen...the kittens...the wall...you get the picture. In an hour and a half, I only wrote 150 words. This is a deplorable wph (words per hour). I knew how I wanted the next chapter to start...and so much of me wanted to just skip to the next chapter to get the pen moving again. Just leave half of Chapter 22 unwritten and move on...but instead I switched to another project.

So this morning, I had to wait for the DMV to open, so I went to IHOP and had their pancakes...their perfect, fluffy, pancakes...and I opened my notebook to Chapter 22...took a deep breath and the magic happened. Chapter 22 practically wrote itself and as is my favorite writing time, it was my job to just keep up with the pen moving across the page.

Now to plunge head first into Chapter 23...which has been waiting patiently at the tip of my tongue...or pen, as the case may be.