30 Days of Blogs: Author things --Pens

I love pens. I mean I LOVE pens. I love how they look in their packages at the store, love how they look in the tubs with the other pens, love how they feel in my hand as I write. Sometimes the hardest decision of the day is not which project do I work on, but which pen should I use today :D

I have hundreds of pens. HUNDREDS...I added them up last year with the idea that I would use up what I have before I buy more, but then stores put the word NEW on a package and my eyes light up like a Christmas tree. NEW PENS!!!! I don't have those!!!!

I will never run out of pens...and perish the thought...

People think I am odd for writing things out long hand...and I suppose, as I sit here and type on my laptop, I can see where they are coming from, in theory...but it works for me...and as I am about to click send on my 5th novel (July 1st) and as I have 5 more first drafts typed and waiting for me...not to mention over 400 poems, 15 short stories, and about 12 non-fiction projects...I can definitely see how typing everything first would be more efficient..sort of. See, my laptop has this "delete" button and "backspace" button and it is entirely too easy to edit as I type. Whereas with my writing, it is FORWARD HO! And I don't look back until the draft is done. It's easier for me to make continual progress on the first draft if it is butt in chair and pen on paper. This is what works for me. Others have different methods and I applaud them. What works for me is writing things out and watching in a sort-of hypnotic state as the words fill the page and have what was blank, now covered in bits of my soul that flowed out of myself and onto the page with a pen...okay, that sounds a bit much...all I am saying is pens work for me. Ahem.