30 Days of blogs: Author Things -- Prompts

I don't know how many times I have promoted or recommended Monica Wood's The Pocket Muse vol 1 and vol 2...but I know how many times I have used them. Okay, so not like an actual number of times I have used them...that would be impossible to speculate and as I don't keep a tally on my calendar about how many days I have used a prompt or two from her book...I can just officially go on record and say I have used them A LOT...

Each edition of The Pocket Muse has a prompt for every day of the year...let that sink in, and while it sinking in, remind yourself that there are 2 volumes...that's right ladies and gentlemen, elves and trolls...that is 730 prompts for your writing pleasure.

Some of them, I have never used. Some of them have come into play with almost every novel. I use the prompts when I am outlining my novel and know I want this scene to show up somewhere. I also use them for poems. I use them when I am stuck. I would use them in a box, with a fox, while sitting on rocks...in my socks.