30 Days of Blogs: Author things -- Smiles

It is a fascination of mine to smile at people and watch their reaction...which of course then gets put in my notes for a future book.

Tiny humans are usually the best at smiling back...and they smile unabashedly and clap their hands (often with food in the tiny hands which makes a mess they also don't care about). Research notes that mashed potatoes are especially effective in this.

With teens, I usually have to put more work into getting a smile back...it's evidently universally and historically impossible for a teenager to express enjoyment of anything, so my smiles to teens are usually more dramatic...it's really difficult to be growly around someone acting like a fool...and usually the smile is a "wow, what an idiot" but I'm still counting it and recording it for when I write teens.

Adults are in general the toughest to figure out on smiles. So I need to watch that in my books. I like to laugh and smile, so  I use "he laughed." and "he smiled" a lot as opposed to "he said." Looking through a draft of mine would make someone crazy...no one laughs and smiles at EVERYTHING. So I watch people as I smile at that. That person frowned. hmmm...this one smiled back...okay...yikes, this person winked...don't know what to do with that exactly.