30 Days of blogs: Author things --Solitude

I enjoy time to myself more than most people I know. There are some people who cannot be alone...cannot have time where it is just them by themselves without other people around. These people fascinate me (as all people do)

An author life demands solitude. You can (and need to) talk to and interact with other people about writing, about life, about adorable kittens and pups, about the price of tea in China (if such things are in your wheelhouse of conversation). You can discuss plans and give plot teasers and talk about your characters as if they are really sitting next to you (this gets varied responses, by the way...) But at the end of the day, (or beginning of the day as is my preference) it is the author and his/her medium of choice. For me, it is a notebook and a pen and my music...drowning out the world and its multitude of chaos and noise. It is me, putting pen to paper and allowing the magic to happen, which has to exist outside of the real world, because the real world is full of colorful, shiny distractions...and those don't get the novel written.

The promoting and the networking and the selling of the book...that requires you to be around people and talking and smiling. That will use the same skill set I use for teaching. My extroverted, make a new friend if I am in an elevator for more than one floor, spread my positive sunshine, talk to strangers, be around people side of my life...

but the actual writing part...that is all me...all day long. And one of my favorite things, especially after showing everyone the side of me that is extroverted...is to have a little alone time with my words to make pretty novels and short stories and poems and essays.