30 Days of Blogs: Author things -- Space

No, not the final frontier...though I do enjoy Star Trek (not enough to be an official Trekkie...)

There's something amazing about having my own writing space...my own desk...a place where my projects are not disturbed or moved or organized (there is a method to the madness, but of course there is madness in the method as well.).

I try not to grade in my office space, but sometimes it is unavoidable...as much as I try to keep my teacher life separate from my author life, sometimes there is inevitable crossover, but it is minimal.

I can leave my current project open on my desk, ready for me to pick up my pen the next time I sit down and I know, without question, that no one has read or touched my work. (It's amazing living with people who respect me and my sacred space :D)

I have a pretty desk and a cup full of my favorite pens. I have my current projects close at hand, my ear buds at the ready. I have my Little Pink Notebook charged for any typing I need to do.

And when I sit there, the world disappears for a while, and my author life becomes my reality...with two cats who try to nap as close to me as they can. It's pretty close to perfect, and it's mine.