30 Days of Blogs: Author Things --Workouts

I know, I know...I was kind of surprised too...but as I was thinking about what author things I would consider to be my favorites, this came to mind. And I couldn't dismiss it...because the truth of it is, doing a daily workout helps me to be healthy in general...it also helps me with my writing.

People told me that once I got into workouts I would fall in love with them and would miss them if I missed a day...I laughed because that is the most ridiculous thing I had ever heard. People told me that I would WANT to do them and I just stared at them and said, "no, I would rather just write. Thanks."

The nice thing about writing is that it helps me get to where I want to get physically, of course...what is also nice is that if I am stuck on a chapter, I can do some arm exercises or pop in a DVD and do a 20-minute  workout and by doing so, I am not thinking about said chapter, I am thinking about sucking in my tummy or my breathing or my right knee and can I do another set and then suddenly I know what my chapter needs. SO I am a fan or workouts. Finally