Keeping it Real

So today, on page 3 of Chapter 28 of Driven West, I dropped the F-Bomb. Those of you who know me, should realize how huge this is...for those of you who don't know me, it's kind of a big deal...big enough to mention it here at's the first time I have put it in a novel, and while it is not the last time I will use it, to be sure, as I have so many more novels left to write, but the first time for each new thing is definitely noteworthy.

One thing I have learned as an author is that I have to be true to my character and my stories. If that means writing a sex scene, then I write a sex scene. If that means swearing, I swear. It has always been a frustration of mine when an author writes something that doesn't seem natural with how that character acts. I don't like superfluous swearing or sex...just as in real life, I like for both to mean something.

So the line in Driven West was Madison telling Nathaniel that he, not his father was the coward, and I hesitated after I wrote the line, "She lifted her chin. 'You're the fucking coward. From where I stand, you are the coward, Nathaniel.'" After I wrote it, I looked at it for a minute to see if the F-bomb was necessary or superfluous. Was I swearing just to swear? Was it out of character for Madison (or whatever her name ends up being) to say? I tried the sentence without the adjective. For the intensity of the scene, it sounded weak without it stays...because I really am all about keeping it real for my characters and my novels...and sometimes, in fiction, just as in real life, the F-bomb is necessary.