Domino effect

Feb 02, 2015 by Michelle Denise Sodaro

So the editing phase of Broken Trust has begun and as I have known for awhile now, it needed a stronger beginning. One that would really grab hold of my readers and not let go...and I also know that one of my male main characters needed to be stronger. Ben...whom I of course still loved, was a little flat. I needed people to understand why he would choose the things he chose and to understand his motivation and I don't think that was clear how the story first existed. The interesting thing about changing the beginning of a the domino effect. When you change something in chapter one, it changes an action in chapter two, a conversation in chapter three, while scenes need to be reworked in chapter four, which means chapter five no longer works at all, and so on. It's a fantastic puzzle that somehow changes as you go along...and with every tweak and change and nudge, you get a better story, you get stronger characters, and you get a better chance for the readers to see what you saw. It's just like putting all the dominos in a line or a pattern and ever so carefully tipping that first one so that it tips the next and the next and the next until the finished product is something different yet the same. Love it!!