Pancakes, etc. -how to fuel the process(A-Z blog)

Apr 18, 2015 by Michelle Denise Sodaro
Being a writer when the inspiration is there is the best that it gets. You are living in a Disney movie, the gods are shining down on you, life had never been more beautiful as the words dance across the page. These are the best days...and they are as exhilarating add they are exhausting. What (in my mind) separates the writers from the wannabees (sorry) are all the other days. The days where you would rather regrout your shower then write a single word...where you question your existence as a writer and feel your true calling is a snail salesman. These are the days to call in the reinforcements. You have to find whatever it takes to get you writing. You have to find a way to write on these days or writing stays s hobby. For's pancakes. Any diet I may or may not try...any exercise I may or may not do...if I need to make sure writing happens, I go for pancakes...and it works every time. There is something about a flapjack that gets the words going down on the page and the words come slowly...but they are still going down...but they are still getting down on the page which is all that matters. Sometimes the pancakes write me back into a zone...back into the aforementioned Disney movie. Sometimes the pancakes just get me through my word count...either way progress is being made. So find what works for you. Feel free to join me for pancakes.