Intuition (30 days of blogging 2015)

"Your intuition knows what to write, so get out of the way." Ray Bradbury

I waste a lot of time trying to force things to happen before it's time for them to work out naturally. I am so sure I know what's best, that I end up stuck, metaphorically spinning my wheels. I want to start Chapter 21 like THIS and then I stare at the blank page and frown and draw my doodles (the full range of my drawing ability -- fat cats, boxes, uneven stick people, and daisy-like flowers).

Later on, (sometimes later that day, sometimes later that week...sometimes a painful month later -- usually somewhere in between) I will get the perfect idea for Chapter 21 and the pen will fly across the page and the world makes sense again. My intuition was finally ready to write Chapter 21 and maybe it is 2 in the afternoon (more often than not it is 2 in the morning).

This happens with story endings, story beginnings, chapter endings, chapter beginnings...and every single time (so far) the novel has been added to  and my intuition takes over and the world makes sense again. The scenes I try to force -- sound forced and usually get scraped or changed to the point of being unrecognizable to their former self. The scenes where I just trust my intuition flow perfectly, and might need some small tweaks, but are pretty solid from the start.

My intuition absolutely and always knows what to say and I do just need to stop blocking my own path.