What works...

"Trust that still small voice that says 'this might work.'" Diane Marie Child

I have learned to trust that still small voice. My learning of that lesson has come from me being SURE I knew what to write next, which resulted in a lot of scratch outs and crumpled pieces of paper until I finally put the novel aside and worked on something else -- something that feels more natural -- walking through waves that hit my ankles instead of what I was trying before which was walking through waves that were taller than me.

Every time that still small voice has said 'this might work,' the idea has ABSOLUTELY worked and has been EXACTLY what was needed to move the story along and the more often this has happened, the more I have learned to let go of the novel for a minute until the still small voice has had time to work it out (which is usually around 2 o'clock in the morning...thank goodness for ColorNotes). This works for any plot parts that get me stuck...the one thing it doesn't work with this is character names, but eventually my characters figure this out and tell me what their name is (so far Nicholas in Arianna's Honor and Arianna's Destiny has been the most challenging with 4 separate name changes....spoiled spoiled princey).

That still small voice also helps me know which project to work on next, which is helpful as I want to work on all of my projects simultaneously (which is rather impossible). Now I have a novel to edit/polish which will be published next (Redeeming Trust, which my goal for publication is end of September, 2015). and then I have a primary 1st draft to finish (Stealing Second, which will then help to complete the first drafts of the entire Lucky Charms series) and then if I get stuck I can BRIEFLY work on something else while the still small voice is figuring things out...It's a process. So far it works for me