3rd day of gratitude: moving day

When you have been putting things in boxes for over a month, it is a great relief when you finally get to take things out of boxes and start to figure out where it makes sense to put things.

I always forget how much I hate moving my cats until the time comes to shove them in carriers and zip them in as fast as I can. The Siamese didn't catch on quickly enough to fight me. The tabby...always the tabby...hid under the bed until I moved the bed. Hid under the dresser until I moved that too. He verbally protested and thrashed about. Then on the drive, the tabby sulked quietly while the Siamese acted as if I was torturing him.

Now that the kits are here...I we are getting along again...but wow do I hate putting them in the car.

I am grateful for my apartment. Grateful for the friendships which made this happen. Grateful for the kits now that we are at peace again...