Ninja Months

Jul 03, 2015 by Michelle Denise Sodaro " a minute" ago, it was April and then on Monday, I was emailing students about class that startes on 1 July and I was thinking "WOW, I am giving them a lot of time to get ready for class to start." (wait a minute.  **frantically looks at calendar** Holy Crap. July is NOW!!) So in the last 2 months, I published my 4th novel, started my 4th decade on this planet, and went to my sister's wedding. Other than those 3 things, the last two months are a complete blur to me. I seem to have eaten and slept and bathed...I still have a job, so that is a good thing. I have donw some writing every day, but just tidbits and free writing, not actual chapters. Broken Trust came out in May and I know this, more than anything, is why the last two months became Ninja Months. May was all about getting Broken Trust ready for its closeup and then after that was published, I celebrated turning 40 with quite a few beverages and then it was time tobget ready for my sister's wedding -- which was beautiful and perfect and better than any fairy tale or romantic movie (and if you think I wasn't taking notes for any/all wedding scenes, I would like to introduce myself because you obviously don't know me well). Now you may be saying, "What's the big deal, Sodaro? It's only July and we have all day to play." Um...well, on one hand, yes there are still 5 months to get things done for 2015. On the other hand, there are ONLY 5 months to get things done for 2015. What I need to get done: **Redeeming Trust edited and published. (by Sept according to Broken Trust). **First Down edited and ready to start off 2016. ** Stealing Second first draft written. **Blogs to 500 (this is #422, and yes there is a game plan in place). **NaNoWriMo in November -- want to reach 50k words in 30days for the 2nd year in a row. So hopefully my Ninja Months are behind me and I can get everything done I need to.