Three times the fun...

So a couple days ago, I wrote about sequels and I thought it only fitting today to write about the unique challenge of a 3-part series. Currently (in addition to editing Redeeming Trust) I am writing on Stealing Second, which will be the 2nd book in the Lucky Charms series.

The entire series started at a hockey game and I wrote Hat Trick (which is 3 goals in one game scored by one player -- thus the third book in my series).

Yes, I wrote the 3rd book first, then I wrote the 1st book second, and now I am writing the 2nd book third. (If this is something you can't believe I would do, I have to ask if you really know me at all :D

To me, it makes perfect sense to know where everything will end up before I start. Knowing where I need to get my cast of characters helps me to stay focused. I have no personal knowledge, but I imagine it is the same as a runner seeing the finish line. So it is very helpful to know where I need to get everyone and what the answer to the riddle is.

The problem exists when the timeline in my head gets crisscrossed (ugh...the backward pants duo just jumped in my head) but since I am currently writing book two, I sometimes get confused by whether a scene I know exists, whether it happened in First Down or Hat Trick. If it exists in the former - no worries, just add to that event, but if that scene exists in Hat Trick, and I refer to it in Stealing Second, well, that presents some problems as I have not established any of my characters as psychics...but this is where editing comes into play.

My publishing goals for Lucky Charms are as follows:

February 2016 -- First Down

June 2016 -- Stealing Second 

October 2016 -- Hat Trick

But before First Down is published, all three will have been written and read through with a notebook to keep the time line straight.