30 Days of Author Gratitude: Story/poem ideas

Sometimes I wonder about non-writer-people and how they go about their day. For example this picture...flowerI saw this single flower in a parking spot and in my mind, a rush of ideas fought for my attention. Was it dropped by accident? Was it thrown down in anger? Did the suitor arrive late and their love was driving off, so the flower fell as arms dropped in devastation? Did they flower miss its flower friends? What was it thinking as it fell? Did it run away? All of this and more popped into my mind as I saw this flower. What do non-writer types see as they walk by this scene? Do they even see the flower? Do they wonder about it at all? Do they give it a second thought?

People tell me all the time, "I really want to be a writer, I just don't what to write about." um, then sweetie, how do I put this delicately...you're not a writer. :/

Writers have ideas, usually too many to ever get to all of them in one life time because every day just presents more ideas. I get ideas from overheard (okay, intentionally overheard) conversations in restaurants, like the one time I heard a girl say, "riding around in a trunk all day is no fun. Trust me on that." Oh, I trust you on that, strange girl, and bet your ass that is going into a story somewhere. Ideas come from standing in line at the grocery store (why would they be buying those three things together)...from a glance shared by two people, strangers or no...from my dreams...from things I read...from a phrase in a song or movie...from silence...from something as simple as a fallen flower in a parking lot to something as complex as finding a cure for cancer...and for this constant on-rush of ideas I am eternally and consistently grateful.

For every idea, there is the line of questions...Is this a novel? A short story? A poem? An essay? Will it sit for a bit and percolate? Will it be something I need to work on now? Is it a new idea or will it fit into something that already exists?

I'm so grateful for the plethora (one of my top ten favorite words) of ideas that are in my awareness every day. Keep 'em coming so I never, ever run low.