30 Days of Author Gratitude: Characters

Kind of along the same lines as my gratitude for readers blog, I suppose a novelist could have a book without characters...I am just not sure how that would work...

So I love my characters. I love to see what shenanigans they are going to get into in this chapter. Love to see what predicament they are going to solve. Love that they come visit me at odd and sometimes awkward times. Try having a conversation about your job performance and have a character come whisper in your mind some bit of dialogue which would be PERFECT for their next scene. And you don't want to forget that bit of chat...but you also want to give your full, undivided attention to your boss. (My boss is completely supportive of my writing and would let me pull out my phone and put it in ColorNotes, but I try to not abuse this privilege.)

When I am going shopping...I see things and I'm like...ooh, Ali (Broken Trust/Redeeming Trust) would like that, or wow...that is TOTALLY something Lilly (Lucky Charms series, to be published) would like...or Chris should get that for Stacey...or that is something that needs to be in Seducing Cupid, to be published). While THAT is something for my serial killer, Aleena (Black Widow, to be published).

The good thing about having so many characters (and so many respective books) is that inspiration can hit for one or many of them, no matter where I go or what I am doing...consequently, this is also sometimes a bad thing. But I love my characters. I am grateful for them acting out scenes where my job is to just stay caught up and get it written down.

I always picture them in my head....like the world's best picnic. They each have their own table, but they intermingle and are supportive of each other when it's their turn to get published. Someday, I want a characteriture of my character picnic drawn. I will hang it over my desk in my office. (Okay, so I don't currently have a desk or an office...but I will...and then I can put all my characters above it).