My Christmas Shoes

No, this is not about that song that makes us all cry...


I got these shoes in high school. Misty (then Botts, now Killip) bought me this pair and I love them. They are still in almost perfect condition (I only wear them a week or two each year, so...) with the exception of the bells that used to be on the edge. (My cat, Chase de-belled them...much to the delight of my father who didn't care for the bells).

There hasn't been a Christmas I haven't worn them (though I must say it is much nicer to wear them when there is no snow, as they are the canvas Converse is famous for).

I get excited every year when I take them out of my Christmas tub. To me, this means it's Christmas. Yes, people shopping everywhere...yes Christmas music...yes constant commercials and reminders...but to me, the second I put on my Christmas shoes...that is Christmas to me.

Merry Christmas.