Pure Magic

No matter how old I get...no matter what is going on in my life, good or bad...no matter what...I will always be fascinated by the magic of Christmas Eve.

The logical part of my brain tells me that Santa is impossible. The idea that he could get to every house in one night is scientifically impossible (yes, yes flying reindeer are also rather improbable). Emotional brain says, but it's MAGIC...and tells logical brain to shut up and go figure out something.

Growing up, Mom had this cardboard fireplace for the apartments we had that didn't have a fireplace...and every Christmas, no matter how hard things were, we always had presents from Santa. So if he could deliver presents to a cardboard fireplace, well...that's some pretty powerful magic right there.

There is a sense of peace on Christmas Eve...the knowledge that things are going to be okay (perhaps because of a certain birthday the next day...which is also pretty fancy magic). I like it better when there is a blanket of snow on the ground (which can completely melt on 26 December) but it doesn't look like that is going to happen this year...and darn you Christmas songs for making us think that is what is needed for Christmas. :)

I love Christmas eve night. I love to look out the window (or go for a drive because there isn't that blanket of snow) and look at the Christmas lights and think of the people sleeping, waiting for Santa. Those parents taking those late night hours to keep the magic alive. And emotional brain tells logical brain...see...that is how it is possible...we keep the magic alive.

As an author, I see everything as a story...and I hope I can capture the magic of Christmas eve in one of my novels. The sense of wonder and peace...and magic.

Merry Christmas.