Out of whack feng shui

I used to not give much credence to the idea of feng shui...used to tell myself and others that I thrived in chaos and that my organizational system (or lack thereof) worked for me and creative genius needs to flourish and don't judge me by my mess...judge me by the finished product...and maybe I truly believed it or maybe I was just a little bit lazy (probably a combo of both).

The problem with my feng shui is that is not only external. Yes, I have projects and physical things all over the place in my living space. Yes, I have things spread out and rather messy...but that is just what you can see. I have the same mess inside my mind...and there are even more projects and things inside my head than exist outside my mind.

And yes, some would say, "Sodaro, maybe you are being a bit hard on yourself, I mean you have gotten projects done. You have 4 novels published. You are typing the edits of novel #5...so that's not too shabby." And I would smile and genuinely thank you for your grace and for reminding me to offer myself the same grace.

But I would also say that I have over 25 novels started. I would say that I have 40-some nonfiction projects started. I have over 400 poems I have written that are going to be edited and polished and put in a compilation (not all of them...in one book). And while I can function in chaos pretty well, what happens is that when life gets messy with non-writing things, with emotional things or financial things or any of the other things that can attack us in life when we are focused on our goals, it makes the chaos nothing more than a mess. And then the mess becomes what I focus on and I get overwhelmed by everything I need to do, get done, get busy on, get finished, pay for, take care of, deal with, get over, let go of, heal from, clean up, learn from, write about, etc.

I am going to get a lot done this weekend, both on Redeeming Trust and on cleaning up the things I can clean up, internally and externally. I got this.