A-Z blog: Peale

"It's always too early to quit." Norman Vincent Peale

So I have a confession to make. Sometimes...I contemplate quitting writing. I think about people who are not authors, who work their M-F jobs and have weekends off and I think about all the things they can do that I don't have time to do because I am writing this chapter or editing and revising this chunk...But then when I think about their activities and free time, it doesn't seem anywhere near as interesting to me as what is going on in this or that story. SO I pick up my pen, laugh at my silly idea of quitting, and get back to "work"

How could I possibly quit? I didn't quit when it was much much harder...how in the world could I quit now, when I am so much closer to the next chapter of my life...what if tomorrow everything changed but I quit today and missed it all?

One tid bit I will share from the conference (more's coming), is the bit that was hit home most often and by the most people....if you can walk away from it...do. If  you can't...then you're a writer and welcome to the world. Once you are in this world...you are in it for the duration. Just as there is no crying in baseball, that is no quitting in writing.