600th Blog

I started my blog in July 2011...well, this blog. I did have another thing (that started with or had a 'z' in it, maybe?) "back in the day" (side note, I do giggle a bit when people who are two decades or more younger than me, use this expression).

July 2011. Two months after my world turned upside down...well for my 30's at least. It happened once in my 20's, once in my teens --though teen years tend to be rather topsy turvy, there is one event that changed everything, just as there was one event in my single digits that had lifelong effects. So far in my 40's my whole world did turn upside down last year, but as that was my first year in this decade, I don't know yet if that was THE defining moment or merely A defining moment.

And now, here I am -- 5 years and 599 blogs later and I am reminded of the Virginia Slims tag line -- "You've come a long way, baby." Yes. Yes, I have have and thank you for noticing.

I have 5 books out. By the end of next year, I will have doubled that number.

I have lost friends and family and gained people I now cannot imagine my life without. I have felt loss and love and betrayal and support. Through it all I am constantly humbled by and in awe of the people who lift me up and believe in my future without question or hesitancy.

I am excited to see where I am in 100, 200, 400 more blogs. Here's to the journey.