A to Z Blogs

So April is the month for A-Z blogs and they are supposed to be thematic...the theme I have picked is the Writing Process. Other people have other things that work for them, and I learn from them and try new things all the time. (which is always the best part) This is the process that works for me. I hope you enjoy my month of blogging, and I hope you find my process to be helpful. As a sneak peak, and to keep me on track, here is how I broke down the alphabet:
Writing Process...
Addiction to writing (just embrace it)
Bad guys (how to write them)
Characterization (make them real)
Dialogue (keeping it real)
Editing (get out that colorful pen)
Favoritism (it's impossible to avoid)
Goals (how to make them; how to keep them)
Hero/Heroine (what they need)
Ideas (how to get them and make them grow)
Jac & Jyn (my first "children")
Killing off characters (when it is needed/when it is not)
Love scenes (what to keep in mind/what not to)
Messy parts of the story (first draft is the messiest)
Names of characters (how to pick them/when to change them)
Outlines (how they help/how they could hinder)
Pancakes, etc.  (how to fuel your writing process)
Quirks (of the author/of the characters)
Revising (how it is different than editing)
Setting (what to include/what to leave out)
Talking about your book (when to do it/when to stop it)
Ugly personalities (why they are needed/what to avoid)
Voice (how to find it/how to own it)
Writing (how to make yourself just do it)
Xciting (the best parts of the process)
Yesterday (how to stop beating yourself up for what you didn't do)
ZZZZZ's (why sleep is an important part of the process)