A-Z blog: Cather

"There are only two or three human stories and they go on repeating themselves as fiercely as if they had never happened before." Willa Cather

There aren't really any original stories. They have all been told over and over again. The love story. The war story. The story or betrayal. Of revenge. Of victory. Of Loss. Good vs. Evil. The journey...all our favorite plot lines.

It's not our job as authors to try and find an original, never been told story. It is our job as authors, to take a story that has been told thousands of times, and tell it in such a way that our readers feel as if they've never heard it before...that even though they know how it "should" end, they still have to see our characters through to the end, just to make sure they have a safe journey and get where they are supposed to go.

It's our job to make our characters as memorable as possible.

Someone asked me once, how I keep all my characters straight...it's because they are real to me...and it's my job to make them real to my readers too, so they forget, just for a minute, that they are reading a story whose basic plot line has been told a thousand times. If, when they are reading my story, they can't get the story out of their mind that mine reminds them of, I feel as though I have failed them a little bit.