A-Z blog: Faulkner

"I never know what I think about something until I read what I have written about it." William Faulkner

There are times...when the writing zone is so good...when I forget there is a world around me, a seat under me...I forget about my almost constant knee pain...I forget about my bills and my stress and my questions...I forget about everything...I just write...the pen fills the page and I feel as connected to my inner spirit as I can possibly achieve.

My freewrites...when there is no planned topic and it is just whatever comes to mind.

My reflections...when I start with a topic, but end up writing about what I really needed to write about all along.

My chapters...when the characters are all on point and I am just keeping the hell up...

I will "awaken" from these writing zones and my hand is numb, my stomach is growling, I need to use the restroom, and my knee is wonky from having sat in the same position for too long without moving.

And I go back and read what I have written...and puzzle pieces fall into place...and the world makes sense again.

This is the best kind of writing and one I want to do on a more regular basis...but when you are getting an hour of writing in because that's all today's schedule allows, there is an awareness of time. And some writing is always better than no writing...but writing without that awareness of time is the absolute best and I want to do this every day. (My knee will just have to deal with it.)