A-Z Blog: Gaiman

"Tomorrow may be hell, but today was a good writing day and on the good writing days, nothing else matters." Neil Gaiman

So I ate Chinese tonight with chop sticks and any time I can use chop sticks effectively, I am  happy because of the tasty tasty food, of course, but also a little sad...because when I have had good writing days, my hand is far too cramped to effectively hold chop sticks.

The days where I lose contact with all the troubles and stress of the day-to-day world. When I forget to eat anything that can't be fed to me by my left hand. When my right knee is numb from not moving and my ass is numb from sitting...those are the good days. And I haven't had enough of them in recent weeks, but they are coming...and, just as Gaiman said, absolutely nothing else matters.